Which Should I Buy First — a Juicer or Blender?


For many raw food enthusiasts who are looking forward to beginning a raw food lifestyle, choosing between a juicer and a blender is usually a hard choice. This can precipitate confusion among shoppers who  simply wish to reduce the pile of fruits and vegetables in their kitchen into a healthy glass of liquid. Both equipments are very good at what they do, it will only depend on what are your preferences in choosing them.

What’s the difference?

The common misconception that juicers and blenders are the same is entirely wrong, their only similarity is their ability to turn raw veggies to a nutritious glass of liquid. Blenders and juicers are built to serve quite different purposes, with different textures of their end products.

Best blenders crush the fruits and veggies placed in them, keeping all the fibre and pulp blended and intact. The end product will be a thicker and pulpy drink, which will make you feel fuller for longer period. Blenders are good for smoothies, it extracts the liquid content and separates the fibre from the rest of the fruit ,discarding the fibre pulp to leave you with only the juice.

Which is better based on health concerns?

You can’t take this away, many persons want to know how a blender or juicer will help grow the quality of their health. Best blenders for smoothies produce pulpy drinks with all the fibres in them, these fibres are good at cleaning up the colon but they also mean that nutrients cannot be absorbed as effectively as in juices. For the best juicers, their juices contain a great amount of absorbable nutrient, that can be taken into the body without activating the digestive system. There is still an ongoing debate over the health concerns of taking juices because of the sugar level, a glass of orange juice will need about 2-3 oranges and since the sugar is in an absorbable form, this means more sugar for the system. Juicers are excellent for vegetables. Click here.

Which is better?

Having examined both equipmwnts and seen their benefits and flaws, it is wise to say that juicers and blenders have different functions and as such are incomparable. Buying any of them will depend on personal preferences and the function it will perform. Blenders can also be used to make sauces , salad dressing and soups. Juicers on the other hand are detoxifiers and are good for guys who look forward to giving up some weight or are on a fast. Both are good to go, your preference is the difference.


Many sales persons or company representatives may have employed some blackmailing tricks to coerce people into buying their products, but the truth is that every kitchen needs the best juicers and best blenders for smoothies. If in situations of financial constraints or there is need for prioritization, the most needed equipment based on your personal preferences will do. Only make sure that whatever product you get is the best for that price range. Click here for more information: http://canyouactually.com/vintage-ads/

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